Lazy Days.

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Sometimes the weekends where I have absolutely no plans whatsoever turn out to be the most incredible. Having run all of my errands earlier last week, thus freeing up my schedule, but I hadn’t really come up with any specific place to go or any specific thing to do. My long-time friend Troy, currently living in Western Massachusetts- and in a similar predicament as me- got together with me in Northampton yesterday to spend the afternoon and evening just hanging around town. Our first stop was Paradise Pond at Smith College, and while Troy went for a swim, I was perfectly content with dipping my toes in the water and sunning myself on the dock for a while.






Troy and I have known each other since my Freshman year of high school, so about 12 years now, give or take- which is more than enough time for him to figure out that I love finding new places to explore that are off the beaten path or are considered strange and unusual (as Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice” once said: “I, myself, am strange and unusual,”) so he knew I’d appreciate his leading me to the Montague Book Mill, which is exactly what it sounds like- a large mill, converted into a book store, art gallery, and café- located in the middle of nowhere. I was floored. I don’t know how much time I spent wandering from room to room until I finally took a seat in the photography section and skimmed through book after book while a very calming stream flowed below the window that was next to me, but it was so neat.

The books vary between new and used, and the entire building smells like old wood, so it was just sort of this appealing sensory overload. I got lost in it all until Troy found me, hiding away in one of the many nooks of the place with my nose buried in a book about photography in the 1930s, and took me to dinner downstairs at the Lady Killigrew Restaurant, where he introduced me to the concoction known as Maple Milk (ridiculously easy to make, and also ridiculously yummy,) and where I ate a really fantastic brie, apple slice, and apricot jam sandwich.

It was just a really nice, relaxing, sort of spontaneous day spent in good company in beautiful scenery. I really enjoyed myself.






Earlier today, I went for a long drive with no real destination in mind. I stumbled on some old cars that were up for sale on the side of the road (I want the Buick!) and an abandoned antique shop hidden away on a turn-off. I stopped to snap a few pictures before I headed back home to veg out, watch some Netflix, and prepare for the work week ahead.

Such a lovely weekend.


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