Closet Crushes: Anchors Aweigh.

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AnchorsAweigh1I’m a big fan of nautical, well, anything, really. Clothes, jewelry, prints, posters. You name it. I don’t know if it’s because I love being out on and by the ocean so much, or because I find boats and ships extraordinary, or maybe because I was a pirate in a past life or something. Truthfully, I think it has something to do with my grandfather, who was one of the most fascinating people you could ever hope to meet, and who was in the Navy and fought during WWII. Although my grandfather never talked about the combat aspect of the war much around us kids (for our sake, and I think for his, as well,) he DID talk about the happier times overseas with his comrades, and he proudly displayed photos around the home he shared with my grandmother of him in his younger years in the service.  Looking handsome and very serious (a sharp contrast to the joking, mischievous side we saw all the time,) I used to marvel at his old Navy uniform, and even more so at the idea of sailing to new and foreign lands for weeks and months at a time. The war aside, it seemed like such a thrilling adventure.

In my closet, I have an ever growing collection of nautical pieces. Sailor-esque rompers, navy blue and red dresses- whose precise cuts and embellishments echo the crisp, sharp look of my grandfather’s old Navy uniform- anchor-print shorts, khaki capris, high waist skirts with striped and preppy crop tops. My ensembles vary between classic pinup girl and what I can only describe as a member of a yacht club- and I love jewelry that pulls it all together.



Today I put together an outfit inspired by this anchor necklace that I’ve had for years now. It’s nothing fancy- just silver and rhinestones, but I love anchors- so much that when I do eventually decide to muster up the courage to get a tattoo- I want to have an anchor incorporated into it.

I digress, I paired some bright cobalt blue jeans with a white tank top, some navy flats, and this lovely hooded navy & white zip-up sweatshirt with quarter-length sleeves for a casual day at the office. I would have loved to pair the top part of this outfit with a khaki skirt I’ve been meaning to mix and match with as of late, but it was raining for a while today and I opted for the jeans to keep my legs warm and dry.

I also still have my nails inc. “Baker Street” nail polish on for the next couple of days- which I think was a nice, color-coordinated touch:


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