“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

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By all accounts from friends and colleagues who were there, San Diego Comic-Con was outstanding this year, and although my current workload at my job prevented me from attending the festivities this time around, I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s live-updates, photos, videos, and blog posts over the course of the weekend. I may have only been there in spirit this year, but next year I’ll be there- in body AND soul- to geek out with my fellow nerdy brethren!

That’s not to say my weekend was a total loss. I had mentioned in yesterday’s quickie recipe post that I was updating while taking a break from preparing to go to a themed lawn party at Castle Hill in Ipswich, and what a party it was! The Crane Estate threw a 1920s/”Great Gatsby” themed fundraiser at their gorgeous, sprawling property, complete with an area designated for croquet and horseshoe games, Charleston lessons, live jazz bands, a costume contest, vintage vendor booths, a winery tent, and a cafe (that had the most delicious cornbread I’ve ever tasted in my life). I attended with Sean, and most of the afternoon was spent walking the grounds marveling at the scenery and everyone’s beautiful outfits.

I couldn’t find a decent flapper-style dress before the event, and opted for a fitted navy & white polka dotted Betsey Johnson number I picked up a few weeks ago (which, unfortunately, is a size or two too big on me and needs to be taken in just a little bit to fit properly) with some comfortable white, jeweled sandals and a pop of bright red lipstick.

Sean ended up winning a raffle near the end of the night for two tickets to a tour of the estate, including the interior of the mansion. We’re already plotting a day to head up and check it out.



On Saturday, one of my dearest longtime friends, Sam, came home from her new residence across the country in Portland, Oregon, for a visit for the first time in a year. I spent the day with her and her family in New Hampshire catching up before we hopped in my car and hit the coast for a nice long drive alongside the beach. For the better part of ten years, Sam has been my partner in crime and my confidant- and it was so good to have her back- even it was just for a day. I love her and I’ve missed her so much. I really have to try to head out to Portland before the end of the year to spend a weekend or something with her.


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