GLOSSYBOX: June 2013 Review.

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I’ve just recently finished trying the products in my June GlossyBox, and what a box it was! Last month, the service collaborated with fashion illustrator, Dallas Shaw, to put together a collection of some of her favorite products ranging from hair care to fragrance to nails. I was so impressed that I received not one, but two full-sized products- and the quality of each of the samples was superb. Not only that, but Dallas designed a special illustration for the cover of the box as well, which was absolutely adorable.

This is exactly the kind of effort and originality that I look for in a beauty box service.

What I Received:

Phillip B. African Shea Butter Shampoo

Tarte Complexion-Enhancing Lipstick (*FULL SIZE*)

c.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist

Oscar de la Renta “Essential Luxuries” Fragrance Collection (includes a sample of each of the six perfumes)

SpaRitual Nail Polish in “Spice of Life” (*FULL SIZE*)

Product #1: Phillip B. African Shea Butter Shampoo ($8 – $90)

Ah, yes. Another shampoo sample. I was starting to wonder if the higher powers of beauty box subscriptions were trying to subtly tell me something with all the hair cleansing products they offer me, but paranoia that my hair looked/smelled bad aside, I tried this nourishing, fragrance-free, and color-safe shampoo regardless- and I was very pleased with the results. Not only did the lather thoroughly and gently cleanse my hair without stripping it of moisture, but it also de-tangled and softened my curls while adding a bit of shine to them- which cuts my conditioner costs in half. I loved the way my hair felt after my shower, and the feeling lasted all day.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This product was lovely- a breath of fresh air compared to other shampoo samples I’ve received in the past. A couple of drops (about a nickel-sized amount) was enough to wash all of my hair and left me with great, long-lasting results. Best of all? It’s safe for my color-treated red hair, and isn’t loaded with fragrances or chemicals- so my hair felt light and not weighed down.



Product #2: Tarte Complexion-Enhancing Lipstick ($29)

When I first opened this colorfully packaged lipstick, I was a little concerned. There are two variations of the product- one for fair skin, and one for medium & darker toned skin. It’s no secret that I’m on the pale side, but it seemed GlossyBox had sent me the medium/darker shade in error. A deep nude with a reddish-pink glossy core to add fullness and shine, I was worried it would appear too brown on my lips.

I applied sparingly, and was surprised by how bright the color actually looked. The picture above doesn’t really do it justice (shoddy lighting- my apologies), but the lipstick was a more rosy/fuchsia-tone than a nude or brown. I don’t know if it necessarily enhanced my complexion, but it was moisturizing and long-lasting, which was definitely a perk.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I have a lot of rosy/nude lipsticks and lip glosses, but this is a nice addition to my ever growing collection. I liked the built-in gloss core (very cool idea), the smooth and hydrating feeling of this product on my lips, and the fact that I didn’t have to frequently re-apply throughout the day.

Product #3: c.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist ($7.99)

I own a couple of cooling aloe vera sprays for hot days or post-workout skin refreshment. For maximum results, I keep them stored in my refrigerator, but they can be used and still give relief without being chilled. When I saw this oil spray, I had assumed it was along the same lines, and last weekend I packed it in my purse when I headed to NYC.

Some of you may remember my mentioning that the temperatures were scorching in Manhattan, and at one point, when I had descended into the subway and was sweating bullets from the lack of air below ground, I whipped out this spray hoping for just a spritz of something cold on my face and neck.

To my dismay, this spray wasn’t intended to be cooling as I had originally thought, so I was still uncomfortably hot while I waited for the train. It was, however, so, so, SO moisturizing on my skin (without making it look shiny or leaving any of kind of greasy film on me), and smelled delicious. I may have not felt cooled down, but my face was touch-ably soft for the rest of the afternoon, even after my makeup had melted off.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I love my aloe vera sprays, and I’ll still use them, but this product is a wonderful treat on days when my skin needs a little pick-me-up or feels a little dry.


Product #4: Oscar de la Renta “Essential Luxuries” Fragrance Collection ($150 per bottle)

When I first saw the Oscar de la Renta pouch in my box, I had expected one, maybe two samples of perfume at the most. When I realized I had a sample of each of the six perfumes in the “Essential Luxuries” collection, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to try them. I limited myself to one sample per day so I could evaluate how long each scent lasted, and whether or not I still enjoyed having it on me by the end of the day. In terms of longevity, the perfume lasted me from the early hours of the morning until late in the afternoon without having to be reapplied once, which is one of the most important things to me. For $150 a bottle, I wouldn’t want to run out of the fragrance so quickly because it doesn’t last.

In terms of the scents, each one was so different from the others, so unique- and they all smelled so good- that it was hard to pick a favorite out of the bunch:

Coralina: A lovely and light floral bouquet scent.

Oriental Lace: A rich, sweet chocolate scent.

Sargasso: A crisp ocean/beachy scent.

Mi Corazón: A clean, refreshing floral scent.

Santo Domingo: An intoxicating smoky, spicy scent.

Granada: An invigorating citrus, floral scent.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! Ideally, I would love to purchase every single one of these fragrances, because I enjoyed each of them immensely, but since that would get costly awfully quick, I’ve decided to add “Oriental Lace”, the sweet mocha-scent, to my must-have list for the next time I shop for perfume.



Product #5: SpaRitual Nail Polish in “Spice of Life” ($12)

The first thing I spotted when I opened my June 2013 GlossyBox for the first time was this full-sized bottle of shimmery, candy apple red nail polish. After NYC last weekend, I was in need of some serious nail maintenance. My avocado-inspired polish had chipped and faded, so this arrived at the perfect time. Made without harsh chemicals, this lacquer gave amazing, vibrant color with just one coat (the pictures above were taken with two coats of the color and a clear top coat) and quickly dried to a beautiful shine.

I love the color, although I think it’d be more appropriate for the Fall or Winter.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I’ve browsed some of the polish collections on SpaRitual’s website and I would love to try so many of them. Their metallics and highly pigmented colors are gorgeous.

I believe  this is the first beauty box I’ve received since I started reviewing them where I have loved, and would purchase a full-size of every product included. Major kudos to GlossyBox and to Dallas Shaw for this fun, well organized collaboration. It was fantastic.


5 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX: June 2013 Review.

  1. We pretty much got the same box (except for the Philip B.), however, I love your color of nail polish you received. I got a pretty purple color (that I can’t wear to work). And the Tarte looks good on you!

  2. Hi Ashley! I clicked through to your blog from FHR to see what other readers were blogging about. Though not a beauty buff myself, I did enjoy your honest reviews of the products you received in your beauty boxes. I’ve been looking for a good exfoliant, and sadly, my friends work in department stores and want me to buy the pricey scrubbers. You seem to like the Yes To line, and it’s affordable (so, so broke right now). Do you find their products to be good ones across the board? Are they consistent?

    • Hey Sarah!

      Glad to see another FHR reader on here! I feel your pain about looking for a good exfoliant. Department store cosmetic counter brands (like Clinique or Origins) are typically nice, but like you said, they’re on the expensive side- and I don’t want to keep dropping $20+ per container. Most of the drug store brands are hit or miss. They either cleanse and buff your skin really well, or they don’t work at all.

      I’ve had a lot of luck with the YES TO line so far. Every product I’ve tried by them has given me decent results with no allergic reactions. I really liked their tomato scrub. It cleans out your pores without being too abrasive on the skin, and best of all- it’s affordable!

      – Ashley

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