BeautyArmy: June 2013 Review.

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I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with BeautyArmy lately. For $12 a month, I don’t expect anything particularly mind blowing in terms of sample sizes or brands, but I would hope to at least have more variety in my selection window. This month, as well as in May and in April, I was offered products that I had not only tried in past boxes, but ones that I also hadn’t particularly liked that much, either. I had to alter my profile and preferences on the site numerous (and when I say numerous times, I’m talking close to 19-20 modifications and page refreshes), and even then, I had to settle for a couple of products that I had no desire to try/use in order to process my order.

I’m going to tough it out with this service until July’s selection window. If it’s anything like it has been in the past few months, I’ll be cancelling my subscription and switching over to a different beauty box company.

What I Received (Chose):

Nelson J., Beverly Hills – Argan Oil 7 Non-Foaming Shampoo

Lash Card Mascara Shields *

Addiction NV Lip Gloss in “Girls Night Out”

Mini Kittour 100ml Refillable Bottle *

Lift Lab Lift & Moisturizing Cream

COLORSMASH Hair Shadow in “Party Pink”


* What I Didn’t Use

Lash Card Mascara Shields

Why Not: I’ve never had any issues with applying mascara. The only times I’ve ever had mascara smudge off of my lashes was when I sneezed directly after application. That’s a rare occurrence, so these shields aren’t really needed. I plan on giving them away to anyone who may need them at some point down the line.

Mini Kittour 100ml Refillable Bottle

Why Not: I should clarify that I do actually plan on using this container when I travel to store shampoo or moisturizer since it meets TSA regulations, but I didn’t think it was necessary to review a basic travel bottle. It is what it is!

Product #1: Nelson J., Beverly Hills – Argan Oil 7 Non-Foaming Shampoo ($20)

I’ve said in more than one review that I’m not a fan of non-foaming shampoos. I like a little lather when I’m washing my hair and when I don’t have any, I feel as though my hair isn’t thoroughly cleansed. I AM a fan of Argan oil, however, and put aside my disdain for the foam-less variety of shampoo to try this sample, which listed it’s conditioning and detangling benefits right on the bottle.

The product had the same color, consistency, and scent as mint toothpaste- which took a little getting used to. After massaging the shampoo into my scalp and coming it through my hair as instructed, I let it sit in place while I finished up my shower to make sure it had a chance to really sink in. When I rinsed it out, I noticed my hair did feel very silky and smooth, which was nice- but it didn’t necessarily feel clean. It was like I had used a very hydrating conditioner instead of a shampoo.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. Although the the silkiness of my hair was a pleasant surprise, I (again) like my hair to feel clean when I wash it. I think I’d probably stick to my color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo for redheads that I’ve been using for a long time, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying the matching conditioner to this sample at some point.

Product #2: Addiction NV Lip Gloss in “Girls Night Out” ($16)

There was nothing really noteworthy about this sheer burgundy lip gloss, which applied more like a lip stain in terms of it’s consistency and longevity. Lightweight, non-tacky, and not particularly long-lasting, the color was nice, although more suitable for the Fall rather than the Summer, I think- but overall the gloss was forgettable. Nothing about it really stood out to me.


Would I Purchase?: No. Although there was nothing wrong with the lip gloss itself, it was just really simple to me. I wasn’t in love with the color, and while the non-sticky formula was nice enough- it’s not something I would run out to buy right away.

Product #3: Lift Lab Lift & Moisturizing Cream ($130)

I wasn’t provided with enough of this moisturizer to really see long-term results. I had enough to get me through one day, and I feel I would need at least 4-5 days to determine whether or not this product really works or not. From just the one day, my skin did, in fact, feel hydrated, and even a little taut- but like the lip gloss in this month’s box- I wasn’t really blown away. I feel I could achieve the same results with another, less-expensive cream (that would also have SPF benefits to it, which this product did not).

Would I Purchase?: No. I’m at an age where I still use preventative facial products to sort of nip fine lines and age spots in the bud before they start to show, so I don’t really need firming or lifting creams just yet. If and when I do in the future, I’d like to invest in quality, affordable products that will give me results. $130 for a cream is a little steep for me, and although it was definitely nourishing to my skin- there are so many creams and serums out there that will give me the same feeling for half the price.

Product #4: COLORSMASH Hair Shadow in “Party Pink” ($15)

I haven’t colored my hair anything wild in years. I think the last time I did anything outrageous, apart from the 7-month span when I was 17 where I went platinum blonde, was the year I had bright purple streaks going through my curls. In hindsight, it looked ridiculous- but at the time I thought it was bad. ass.

COLORSMASH lets me re-live my Manic Panic hair dye days without the mess, commitment, or post-coloring regret. Their hair shadow line is easy to use, and more importantly- temporary. You simply apply the powdered hair color as desired (I’ve heard of people using brushes to get a precise application. I, on the other hand, went balls to the wall and just applied it with my fingertips), seal it in with hairspray, and when you’re ready to change the color or lose it entirely- you just wash your hair.

Now, my hair is BRIGHT red, and I was hoping that the equally bright pink I received would show up nicely, but alas- it was barely noticeable:



You can kinda’, sorta’ see it on the ends there- but keep in mind I had actually applied about 2-3 layers to try and get it to show up. That’s not to say any of the other, darker colors wouldn’t show up if I tried them. There’s a blue and a green listed on Sephora that caught my attention.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. I like the concept of this product. It seems like it’d be a lot of fun for a night out or if you just want to do something different with your hair for a few hours. It’s infinitely safer than those temporary hair color sprays they sell at costume shops, and a lot easier to correct than actual hair dyes are, but I was a little disappointed that the pink didn’t show up more in my hair. I don’t know if I would actually buy any of the other shades right away, but I would definitely try them if samples were to be made available to me.

I’m hoping July will prove to be a better BeautyArmy experience for me. I love the idea of actually being able to research and choose your samples instead of just receiving a box of wild card stuff, but their poor execution of an otherwise great idea has left me feeling a little skeptical.


One thought on “BeautyArmy: June 2013 Review.

  1. I just ordered my June Beauty Army box earlier this week. And like you, I was very disappointed the selection. I’m also getting an Addiction NV lip gloss and Color Smash hair shadow. If the July selection doesn’t significantly improve, I’ll be cancelling.
    I guess I’m also surprised at the bad selection considering I loved my May box. Strange…
    – Michelle

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