May 2013: In a Nutshell.

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May2013NYCJust when those of us here in New England were adjusting to Spring finally showing up, we’re thrown into unseasonably scorching temperatures. Less than an hour ago, the heat spiked into 90+ degrees, resulting in me frantically setting up not one, not two, but three different air conditioners around my place so that my pets wouldn’t get sick. I’m currently vegging out in front of one typing this post and it feels awesome. I love Summer, and I don’t mind that it’s here a little earlier than expected. Bring on the bonfires and the beach.

May was filled with rooftop dance parties in Manhattan, breathing in fresh air and discovering some lovely abandoned places to photograph in Western Massachusetts, re-connecting with friends around the state that I haven’t seen in a while, being blown away by the newest “Star Trek” movie (it’s AWESOME- one of the first and best blockbusters of the Summer movie season), and attempting to make plans amid some of the graduations, cook-outs, and parties coming up in June.

May also saw one of my co-workers (and friends) leave our firm to pursue new goals and aspirations, and myself getting acclimated to her not being around the office anymore, which has been sad- since she was fantastic at her job and will sorely be missed- but has also kept me busy with taking on the tasks she usually handled in her position.

Despite the fun I had, May wasn’t without catastrophe for some others. In Oklahoma, a level EF5 tornado (the strongest on the Fujita Scale) all but wiped the town of Moore off the map, killing 24 people, some children, injuring hundreds of others, and causing more than a billion dollars worth of damage. As I’m writing this, another series of severe storms and multiple tornadoes are steamrolling through the state- including Moore again. Although it’s too early to determine what the damages will be when it’s over, it’s clear that the residents of Oklahoma, some of whom are still trying to recover from the last tornado, are going to need help. I urge anyone who is able to donate to please visit the Red Cross website to stay updated on different ways they can donate and contribute to the disaster relief funds set up for situations like this.

And to my friends in the Midwest who are bracing themselves for these storms- please take shelter as advised and stay safe! You’re in my thoughts!

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