April 2013: In a Nutshell.

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April was the month we finally saw Spring prevail over Winter (after taking quite a beating for a few rounds), and with temperatures consistently climbing day by day, I’m hoping it’s here to stay and that we won’t get a freak snowstorm or anything (it’s happened before!) It’s been wonderful being able to wear skirts and dresses without having to layer on leggings or sweaters over and under them.

Sunny days and warm weather aside, April was truly the month that the city of Boston showed the rest of the world exactly why it’s the best. In the wake of a cruel and unfathomable terrorist attack, regular, every day citizens became heroes as they rushed to aid those affected in any way they could (the ONE FUND to date had raised over 20 MILLION dollars!), and tireless authorities and officials made sure they tracked down those responsible in less than a week following the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The city rallied together to show everyone watching that “Boston Strong” was more than just a phrase to help get us through a crisis- but a longstanding and deep-rooted way of life.

There have been so many benefits, charities, fundraisers, raffles, vigils, and other gatherings to support the victims, their families, and the Greater Boston communities, and on Sunday afternoon, I headed down to Lansdowne Street for the sold out “For Boston!” benefit show put together by the Dropkick Murphys. All of the proceeds from ticket sales, merchandise, etc. went directly to helping those affected by the attack, and with performances by Dropkick themselves, State Radio, Big D and The Kids Table, The Parkington Sisters, Old Brigade and Barroom Heroes- all of whom had the most sincere and inspirational words to say about Boston and it’s residents- it turned out to be a really fun, sometimes emotional, but very successful and rewarding day.










Kudos to everyone who participated in the show and for everyone who came down to show their support!

Finally, April ended on a high note. I received some great news at work today (one word: promotion!) and I’m hoping that the luck and good fortune will carry into May as I prepare to attempt some semi-late-in-the-season Spring cleaning, get ready to reboot my diet and fitness regime, and gear up for a little bit of travel and adventure within the coming weeks.

See you all there!


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