BeautyArmy: March 2013 Review.

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I’m taking a break from packing my suitcase for an early flight I’m catching tomorrow morning to the West Coast for a long weekend getaway. I recently finished the trials in my March 2013 BeautyArmy box, and wanted to post my reviews before I move on to the samples I received yesterday when this month’s GlossyBox arrived at my door.

What I Received (Chose):

SKYN ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

INEKE Hothouse Flower Perfume

Immuno-Viva “Sunset” Tea

Whip Hand Cosmetics, Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in “Green Beret”

SKINN COSMETICS Color Touch Eye, Cheek, & Lip Glow in “Teen Tone”.

GRAND CENTRAL BEAUTY Skin Perfecting Polisher

Product #1: SKYN ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels ($30.00 for 8 pairs)

I’m weary of putting any kind of firming/anti-aging cream or gel near my eyes. I rarely stray from my “Vaseline around the eyes at nighttime” routine, as I’ve mentioned in the past, but these cooling eye gel pads caught my attention, and most of the reviews I read were extremely positive, so I decided to break with tradition and give them a shot. I received one pair of the pads, and applied them earlier tonight while I was going through my itinerary of what to pack for my trip.

The pads were mess-free, which was automatically an improvement from the Vaseline regime, and they stayed in place after I pressed them onto my skin. The directions on the package said to leave the pads on for up to ten minutes. I decided to live dangerously and keep them on for 15 before removing them, and even now I can still feel the tingling, cool sensation that started almost immediately after the application. Around my eyes looked firmer and smoother, and felt soft to the touch. I was, and still am, impressed!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! The price for these pads is a little steep, especially just for eight pairs, but they aren’t something someone like me would use every day. They’d be perfect for having after a long, exhausting day, or for packing in your purse for an emergency pick-me-up before going into a big meeting at work or for freshening up before going out for a night on the town.

Product #2: INEKE Hothouse Flower Perfume ($95.00)

This perfume, advertised as being “highly addictive” (and thus making me want to see/smell it for myself), was pretty potent when I first spritzed some on the insides of my wrists. Smelling strongly of florals, musk, and a hint of citrus, it was powerful, but gradually weakened as it blended with my skin. What I was left with was a lightweight, more musky scent. Unfortunately, it didn’t last like other fragrances I’ve used and tried in the past, and within a few hours, it had all but faded completely.

Would I Purchase?: No. The scent was lovely, but the longevity could use some improvement. I like my fragrances to last so that I don’t have to frequently reapply them throughout the day, but this one just all but disappeared a little too quickly for my liking.

Product #3: Immuno-Viva “Sunset” Tea ($11.95 for 20 teabags)

In February’s BeautyArmy box, I had tried the Immuno-Viva “Sunrise” tea and really enjoyed it. I saw it’s counterpart, the “Sunset” tea, available, and wanted to see if I liked it just as much. Like “Sunrise”, this white tea is packed with antioxidants to help boost immune health and concentration. Unlike “Sunrise”, however, which is supposed to energize and awaken, this blend is made to naturally relax and help support a more restful sleep.

Taste wise, this tea was a little bland. It wasn’t strong, which to me, is a good thing- but I felt it could have used a little something extra to give it’s flavor a kick. Maybe a hint of vanilla, or even mint. I’m sure it’s nothing a little extra sugar couldn’t take care of, but adding sugar to a nighttime relaxation tea just seems a little contradictory to me.

“Sunrise” tea hadn’t made me feel anymore energized or alert than usual, but the “Sunset” tea did seem to relax me quite well. Granted, I was drinking it in bed, wrapped up in fleece blankets, and was pretty tired to begin with, so there’s a good chance there were some other contributing factors that assisted in my overall sleepy feeling, but I’ll go ahead and give the tea all the credit.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I’m sure there are ways to boost what is otherwise a pretty blasé flavor, but this is a good, light, end-of-the-day tea, and it’s filled with natural ingredients that are good for you, too.

Product #4: Whip Hand Cosmetics, Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in “Green Beret” ($11.90)

Also in February’s BeautyArmy box, I had tried Whip Hand Cosmetics’ “Medal of Honor” loose pigment eyeshadow, and had loved it’s shimmer and long-last wear. I wanted to check out other shades, and when I saw that this green shadow was available, I jumped at the chance.

Upon applying this shadow over my primer, two things were clear right away: 1. the color appeared more grey than green, and 2. I needed to use a lot of it since I could absolutely NOT get it to spread evenly over my eyelid. Once I got the shadow as even and as dark as I could, and blended it a little, the finished color wasn’t bad- but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, either.



Would I Purchase?: No. As much as I loved “Medal of Honor” last month, this product was a let-down. I have other green eyeshadows in my makeup collection that are more vibrant and easier to apply than this particular one was. I’ll stick with those and pass on “Green Beret”.

Product #5: SKINN COSMETICS Color Touch Eye, Cheek, & Lip Glow in “Teen Tone” ($17.00)

The second I ran my finger across the top of this creamy 3-in-1 makeup and began applying it to the apples of my cheeks, I was smitten. This lightweight formula, in a beautiful, natural looking rosy shade, applied like a dream and stayed put almost all day- giving me a glow throughout my workday and well into the evening.

My only problem, and this usually happens with most multi-purpose makeups like this, is that while the color was gorgeous on my cheeks and my eyes, it looked a little chalky when I applied it on my lips. It also went on to dry my lips out pretty bad, and I eventually had to wipe it off and apply a different lip color.


Would I Purchase?: Yes! Despite the bad result I got with my lips, this product was gorgeous everywhere else I applied it. You don’t need a lot of it, either- which means that it’ll last you a long time.

Product #6: GRAND CENTRAL BEAUTY Skin Perfecting Polisher ($38.00)

I wasn’t entirely sure what this product was or how it was used until it arrived in my box and I had the chance to review the directions and feel the texture. I don’t know how many of you have ever been badgered by mall kiosk people (the people who have booths in the middle of the mall who always try to stop you so they can show you some overpriced miracle beauty/haircare product that never works quite as well when you get it home as it did when they were applying it or using it on you), but this reminded me of a mask I tried once in my late teens after being stopped while I was doing some shopping.

To use this product, which feels almost like a serum and less like an exfoliator, you apply it to your face, and then massage it in for about 30 seconds to a minute. After that, you’ll feel dead “skin cells” begin to roll away. From there, you can either rinse or pat your face with a towel, and your skin is supposed to look and feel more exfoliated, radiant, and  toned.

While my skin did feel a little tighter after I tried this product a few times, I didn’t notice a visible difference in my skin’s texture or tone, and it certainly didn’t feel any more exfoliated than it does when I use a scrub or a clarifying lotion.

Would I Purchase?: No. I’ll stick to my usual pore cleansing scrubs and moisturizers to obtain a smooth, toned texture. This product just seems like a waste of money for something that can be achieved with other, less expensive products.

So 3 yes products, and 3 no products. I’d say my March 2013 BeautyArmy box was a pretty even turn-out.

And now I’ve got to finish packing.

See you all in sunny San Diego!


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