Versatile Blogger Award.

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ver·sa·tile (adj.):

1. Capable of doing many things competently.

2. Having varied uses or serving many functions.

On Thursday, I was informed by the lovely Julie over at Short and Sweet in Texas, that she had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! As someone who enjoys reading Short and Sweet in Texas, and is continuously blown away by the creativity and detail in Julie’s nail artwork, I’m beyond flattered. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!

As a recipient of the award, I’m supposed to share several random facts about myself, so here it goes:


1. I’m French, English, and Irish. I feel like I’m giving cocktail ingredients whenever I list my genealogy. “And that’s how you make an Ashleytini. Best served chilled.”

2. I studied dance (tap, jazz, and ballet) for many years, and I was pretty damned good at it, too! I unfortunately had to stop so that I could focus on my academics during my late teens, but I’d love to go to a class again sometime, just because I enjoyed it so much and I miss it.

3. I also studied a Burmese style of self-defense called Bando for many years as well. I had to stop studying for the same reason (focusing on academics), but I still remember everything I learned. Here’s hoping I never have to use any of it!

4. My Starbucks drink of choice = 1/2 mocha, 1/2 white mocha, iced, with skim milk and whipped cream. I call it a “Black & White”, but in San Diego it’s known as a “Tuxedo”. I’ve also heard it called a “Marble”, but whatever it’s name, it’s delicious.

5. I have a weird phobia of balloons. I don’t like having them anywhere around me. I can’t recall exactly when this irrational fear started- probably after some traumatic event in my childhood that I’ve since blocked from memory- but the idea of a balloon popping near me just freaks me out and I’ll go out of my way to get away from them. I’m a blast at birthday parties, let me tell you.

6. In my senior year of high school, my goal in my yearbook is listed as “to become a female version of Mick Jagger.” My dad thought it was funny. My mom? Not so much.

7. I carry rosary beads in my purse. I’m Catholic. Admittedly, I’m not a very good one (I think I’m a perpetual sinner), but knowing they’re within reach if I ever get the urge to say a quick prayer or just hold onto something is comforting to me.

The award also calls for being paid forward, and so here are a few blogs I think deserve to be honored as Versatile Bloggers:

Bad Horror, Good Times: I love terrible horror movies almost as much as I love good horror movies, and over at BH,GT, the authors are reviewing the best of the worst 80’s horror movies in all their nonsensical, over-the-top glory.

The BU Buzz: I was recently contacted by a girl named Jessica who wanted my feedback on the recent Vaccines show in Boston for an article she was writing. I was happy to oblige, and as it would turn out, she’s a writer for Boston University’s magazine, “The Buzz”. Their magazine, and online blog, covers everything in Boston- music, fashion, the arts, food, and sports. Jessica was really passionate about her writing, which was really refreshing and inspiring.

Detail-Oriented Diva: I sort of stumbled on this blog by accident- I actually can’t remember how I first came across it- but I was so impressed by it’s author, Natalie’s, unique crafts, designs, and really cool decorating style. She has a lot of freebies you can print for your own place/parties/etc., which is pretty cool.

Imogen Rose Beauty – [Linked in my sidebar]: Imogen is a beauty blogger from the UK, and one of my most cherished  friends. She’s smart, funny, kind, and loves The Walking Dead and comic books. She’s currently nearing the end of a month-long “Nails of the Day” endeavor, which has been fun to read. Her nail polishes are so pretty!

Messy Carla – [Linked in my sidebar]: Carla, a fashion blogger from the UK, is another long-time friend of mine, and recently made the move to Australia. Her outfits, her taste in music, and her tales from down under are worth a read. She’s an absolute gem of a lady!

Peace, Love, Shea: Fashion, beauty, travel, health & recipes- Shea’s blog has it all. Her ensembles are adorable, and her photos from her jet-setting adventures are incredible.

The Reversed View of Massachusetts: A really intriguing blog featuring urban exploration photography and stories of abandoned places in Massachusetts.

Tattooed Tea Lady: Imogen linked me to this blog specifically for the author’s recommendations for post-tattoo care products (since I’m in the market to get some ink of my own), and I’ve been a dedicated reader ever since.

Thanks so much again to Julie for the recognition, and to everyone who continues to read and support this blog.


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