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Nobody loves the snow as much as Oliver. I’ve never seen a dog so excited to be outside rolling around in the cold.

So I survived Nemo/Snowpocalypse/The (First?) Great Winter Storm of 2013. I’m back at work, although a lot of the roads and almost all of the sidewalks are still in rough shape. There was so much snow that most areas simply ran out of places to put it all. Thankfully, it’s been surprisingly warm out these past couple of days, so at least it’s starting to melt. Gigantic puddles are a lot easier (and way more fun) to get through than snowbanks.

I wish I had taken more pictures both during Nemo, and of it’s aftermath, but it was near impossible to get out of my place (the snow came up to just below my waist at it’s highest point), and the state-wide traffic ban during the storm meant I was pretty much stuck indoors until the worst was over.

I think most of the news networks did a better job documenting the blizzard than I ever could have, anyway.

However, it definitely helped that I had a “Walking Dead” Season 2 marathon to re-watch, and a replay of the first half of Season 3- leading up to the premiere of the second half of the season on Sunday night- to get me through the weekend. I probably would have succumbed to cabin fever otherwise.

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